Candle Painting Event in Dublin

Sip & Paint Candles with CMB SCENTS

What's better than an afternoon spent sipping bubbles, enjoying nibbles and painting scented candles? The perfect summertivity !

This was precisely the set up when we hosted an intimate 'sip & paint candles' event in July to celebrate the launch of our Candle Shop - 

Private invites were sent to our candle lovers/enthusiasts to enjoy an afternoon with our chandler exploring their creative side. A selection of our scented decorative candles were laid out for the attendees, allowing them to pick their favourite CMB candle for the session. 

With no rules and no boundaries, the event allowed our attendees to unleash their creativity and design a unique CMB SCENTS candle for their homes. The best part? everyone painted with wax paint, how? with insightful tips and tricks from our expert founder and chandler !

See the event highlights below. 

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Candle painting with Wax Paint - A Unique Canvas

Painting candles with wax paint is not only fun but also ensures the candle is safe for later use. The wax paint provided was mixed and hand poured by our expert chandler. Our candle lovers seamlessly eased into their roles as creative chandlers creating beautiful designs on our CMB decorative candles. The designs they created were nothing short of spectacular!

A Memorable Experience

Something incredible about watching the candle lovers who have supported CMB SCENTS since our initial launch in 2021, sip and let their imagination run wild over our candles as the scents from our collection filled the space and provided an air of relaxation.

Sip & Paint Candles with CMB SCENTS

Celebration of scents and creativity

A lot more than a candle painting event, it was a journey of discovery and celebration of the senses. A testament to CMB SCENTS' commitment to delivering high quality candles, fostering creativity and promoting a sense of community among candle loving enthusiasts.

Sip & Paint Candles with CMB SCENTS

Unique Designs

After a delightful painting session, each attendee shared their finished designs with the rest of the group and shared their inspiration for their unique creations. Attendees where then provided with CMB boxes to bring their masterpiece home.

Image of a decorative bubble candle.

Sip & Paint Candles with CMB SCENTS

Our Candle Shop

CMB SCENTS was founded in 2021 by a young lawyer in training with a love for candles and home decor. She decided to combine her two passions and created a candle shop that provides other candle lovers with a range of designs and seasonal scent options to bring their home to life!

The candle painting event was indeed a successful celebration of a shared love for candles, art, scents and creativity. A true sensory delight, leaving behind lasting memories and beautiful keepsakes.

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