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Hey retailers! It's time to enhance your store's appeal with our exceptional range of candles and wax melts. CMB SCENTS is your go-to destination for decorative candles crafted from soy wax and infused with non-toxic fragrance oils. Offering a plethora of stunning designs and captivating scents, our candles will leave your customers coming back for more. We also provide custom orders to meet your unique needs. To avail of our lucrative wholesale prices and custom services, simply send an email to Let's create a delightful shopping experience together!
  • Swirl SL Candle Set

    *New* Swirl SL sculptural candle set. Crafted with eco-conscious materials and infused with non-toxic fragrance oils, this set offers a delightful array of scent options that provide a peaceful ambience without lighting.

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  • Power couple Set

    Style your living space with our Power Couple Sets. Available in chocolate, nude and white. The set includes two stunning sculpted body candles in different styles.

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  • The Knotty Candle

    Transform your space with this trendy knotty candle. Handcrafted with love, making it truly one of a kind.

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  • Lemon Decorative Candle

    A fun way to elevate any space. Infused with our ginger and lemongrass scent, this candle also acts as an insect repellant to finally keep the pesky fruit flies at bay.

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  • Image of a decorative bubble candle.

    The "Moo" Print Bubble Candle

    Finally a chic and stylish way to transform your space. Our "Moo" Print Bubble candle brings style and creativity to your home with one candle.

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  • Mixed Pastel Cloud Trio

    Styling your home can be a lot of fun with our Mixed Pastel Cloud Trio. This set includes a 3 pastel cloud shaped candles.

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