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Clean Cotton

Clean Cotton

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Unwind in the ambiance of pure tranquility with our Clean Cotton Wax Melt. Embrace the familiar, refreshing scent reminiscent of crisp, clean laundry. Picture yourself sinking into freshly washed sheets, still warm and fragrant, as you inhale the soothing aroma of clean cotton. Let your mind wander to sunny days where laundry sways gently in the breeze, recreating the experience of line-dried freshness. Transform your space into a sanctuary of pure comfort and relaxation with the enticing fragrance of clean cotton.
High performing wax melts, hand-poured in small batches using 100% soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils, our wax melts are the perfect choice for conscious consumers. Our long-lasting and eco-friendly wax melts come in an easy-to-store pack of 6 cubes along with a wax melt liner to efficiently burn your melts and protect your surfaces. 

Weight: 80grams
Material: Soy wax
Scent: Clean Cotton
Time to bring your home to life!


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