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Tuscan Leather

Tuscan Leather

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Experience the undeniable allure of our tuscan leather wax melts. Enjoy the exquisite fusion of saffron, raspberry, and thyme, which unfolds like a vibrant melody, awakening your senses to an intoxicating blend. Enhance your ambiance further as mesmerising jasmine and incense weave together to create a tapestry of elegance and refinement. And as the base notes of leather, black suede amber, and woody nuances envelop your space, you will be transported to a realm where luxury and sensuality intertwine effortlessly. 
High performing wax melts, hand-poured in small batches using 100% soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils, our wax melts are the perfect choice for conscious consumers. Our long-lasting and eco-friendly wax melts come in an easy-to-store pack of 6 cubes along with a wax melt liner to efficiently burn your melts and protect your surfaces. 

Weight: 80grams
Material: Soy wax
Scent: Top notes - saffron, raspberry and thyme, Middle notes -jasmine, incense, Base notes - leather, black suede amber and woody notes
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